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Validating the organizational vision mission and values statements

Various Overviews of Strategic Planning Process - - - Samples of Plans Boards and Strategic Planning Preparation for Strategic Planning - - - Guidelines to Keep Perspective During Planning - - - Useful Skills to Have When Planning - - - Need Consultant or Facilitator to Help You With Planning? - - - - - - Other Guidelines to Identify Strategic Goals and Methods/Strategies to Achieve Goals - - - - - - - - - Consider Your Business Model (For-Profit and Nonprofit) - - - - - - - - - Evaluate Your Strategies - - - Developing/Updating Mission Statement (the purpose of the organization) - - - Developing/Updating Vision Statement (depiction of future state of organization and customers) - - - Developing/Updating Values Statement (overall priorities in how organization operates) Action Planning (Objectives, Responsibilities and Deadlines) Writing and Communicating the Plan Implementing, Monitoring, Evaluating and Deviating from the Plan -- and Managing Change - - - How Do We Ensure Implementation of Our New Plan?

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The way that a strategic plan is developed depends on the nature of the organization's leadership, culture of the organization, complexity of the organization's environment, size of the organization, expertise of planners, etc.The Consultants Development Institute's Series Facilitating Strategic Planning provides free online courses, downloadable tools and interaction with faculty to learn the core skills to facilitate strategic planning for any kind of organization. Most of the information in this topic was adapted from the book Field Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Facilitation.Most of the information in that book applies to for-profits, as well. - - - Some Basic Descriptions of Strategic Planning -- and a Comparison to Business Planning - - - Some Different Models of Strategic Planning - - - For-Profit Versus Nonprofit Strategic Planning Benefits of Strategic Planning When Should Strategic Planning Be Done? Always First Do "Plan for a Plan" Strategic Analyses - - - Taking Wide Look Around the Outside of Organization (Opportunities and Threats) - - - Looking Around Inside the Organization (Strengths and Weaknesses) Setting Strategic Direction - - - Strategizing (identifying goals and methods to achieve them) - - - - - - Understanding Strategy and Strategic Thinking - - - - - - Do a SWOT Analysis of Results of Looking Outside and Inside the Organization?Does the perception To reply to the above questions individuals needs to implement an internal and external environmental examination of the business.Intended for an internal examination the establishment explores the amount and superiority of the establishment’s financial, human, and physical assets.If the company is united, this will show that the firm has some directions towards the firm’s vision.

On the same point determining the coherent strategic approach the company uses will assist in validating the vision statements of the company.

Below is a model on how to validate the organizational vision, mission, and values statements of the company.

In order to validate the organization vision, I will be required to reflect on how ABM industries Inc have been united.

It is an international company which operates in a subsidiary form.

With more than 100000 employees’ world wide, the company is known for its integrated facility services offered to the community.

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