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Updating your web config to enable asp net ajax

This article shows you how to AJAX-enable an existing ASP. Once you've understood the basics, you'll use an Inner Workings coding challenge that provides a sample AJAX-enabled bug tracking website to help you really understand how to use the AJAX Extensions. NET AJAX is a free framework designed to make it easier to write modern AJAX-style applications using ASP. There are two parts to the framework -- a cross-browser Java Script library and a set of server-side ASP. The Java Script library goes beyond simply enabling AJAX apps and provides object-oriented extensions to Java Script to make it easier to write complex applications that need to process a lot of data in the browser. NET controls make it possible to write AJAX applications by simply adding controls to a page, just as with non-AJAX applications.In fact, you don't have to write a single line of Java Script to create a fully-featured AJAX application. NET AJAX itself, there are two other downloads available to add AJAX functionality to your site.

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If you have a Web Form called /Foo.aspx, you automatically get a /Foo route and can call your page like that! At the heart of AJAX is the Xml Http Request object, a component originally designed by Microsoft and used to provide the rich Outlook-like interface of Exchange Web Access.Java Script on a web page can use an instance of Xml Http Request to send requests to the web server that generated the page and then use the response to update part of the page, without the browser having to reload everything.My peer Damian Edwards and developer Levi Broderick along with QA by Pranav and Anton have come up with a pretty awesome solution based on the original "Smarty Routes" idea from Eilon Lipton and the result is Friendly Urls. NET for the last few months you'll recognize this incremental useful but appropriately sized forward motion as being all part of the One ASP. It's also worth noting that this Friendly Urls Nu Get package includes BOTH an ASP. See how the GET request for /turned into a 301 redirect to /Contact? Bring up Visual Studio and File | New Project | New ASP. Now, from the Package Manager Console or from Manage Nu Get Packages, install Microsoft. Be sure to read the that pops up as you'll need to ensure that the Friendly Urls routing gets called on application startup! You'd then pass it into the overload of Enable Friendly Urls(...); IMPORTANT NOTE: This code is just a very early sample, there will be a more complete one released later. Here's a little demo that loads a bunch of names into a list. Now we'll add j Query mobile to the mobile master page, and use it on the mobile version of the same page. We're going to continue to push forward and improve ASP. The Toolkit Script Manager has been deprecated for the v15.1 release. It should be sufficient to change the tag name in the markup from asp: Script Manager. To reduce the number of dependencies, we have moved Html Sanitizer out to an external Nu Get package: Ajax Control Toolkit. Sanitizer For security concerns, we recommend that you always use Html Editor together with Html Sanitizer.

If you find any issues, then please report them here. If you have any questions regarding upgrading your projects then open a ticket in the Issue Tracker.

If there was a 34in a folder called Bar in a folder called Foo, we would have used that file. If there was a file called in a folder called Foo we would have used that. You can use things like [Form] and [Query String] to model bind in Web Forms. If I visit them with the Electric Plum Mobile Simulator (i Phone) I see a default mobile page, automatically. So basic mobile is nice but I might want very specific mobile views for i Phone, i Pad, Opera Mobile, etc. Begin your 30-day journey to create a Windows Store style app and talk 1-on-1 with a Windows 8 app development pro. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

I can get the segments out like this: UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention was how to get the values out of the Friendly URL. Now I can go back and forth between views and request a desktop site even when on mobile.

I see many questions has been asked regarding installation/configuration of latest version of Ajax Control Tool Kit in ASP. In this article, i will show you how to configure Ajax Control Tool Kit through Nu Get.

One of the best community tool set available for ASP. Microsoft is making sure that this Ajax control tool kit is updated frequently, to make developers task easier!

And Update Progress control is created dynamically.