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Updating the clock on nook

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Cyanogenmod is basically the shade-tree Linux distro version of Android, right down to having founded a commercial company that is doing its own weird and wacky things for newer hardware.New versions of it for older hardware nobody even makes anymore, like the Nook HD, are very much an open-source do-it-yourself project for tinkerers who feel like messing with it.

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But the price point makes up for the fact that you need to source an external module yourself.The Pinterest and Twitter apps are available for existing customers to download for free from the NOOK Store “Pinterest has long been one of our most requested apps and we are thrilled to bring it to NOOK, along with the Twitter and Facebook for NOOK apps,” said Claudia Romanini, Vice President of NOOK Apps, NOOK Media LLC.“Our goal is to bring NOOK users the very best in social media and these apps will bring to life the rich sharing experiences that Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter offer.” NOOK customers will love the Pinterest app, which is a great tool for people to discover the things that inspire them and collect these things to act upon later.Power through a quick, photo-based review→ Do this now: Disregard all other ebook readers on the market besides Nook and Kindle.Unless you plan to get all of your books from back-alley torrents, or stick to self-published and out-of-copyright PDFs, you are going to need a reader with a good content-delivery system, one it connects to directly via wide-area network.I gather the person who did the last Nook HD version of Cyanogenmod stopped fiddling with it after Cyanogenmod 11, Kit Kat, which is why the Nook HD has gone so long without an edition of Cyanogenmod 12 Lollipop.

The version of Nook HD Lollipop that just came out seems to be by a new tinkerer, and it’s very early days.

In addition to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, NOOK’s social media app catalog is growing and diverse, with other leadings titles like Flipboard, Stumble Upon, Taptu and more available for free in the NOOK Store.

The NOOK Store also features the most popular and bestselling top 100 app titles for tablets available anywhere, including the hottest games, as well as lifestyle, productivity, news, entertainment and reading apps.

And as long as you're set on e-ink as your preferred means of digital reading—and it's still the choice that's easiest on the eyes and the battery—you're going to need a reader that isn't crapped up with gimmicks that supposedly compensate for the slow display.

Sony messed up by putting a glare-inducing film over its screen to provide questionably beneficial touch controls; i Rex avoided that, but made a "touch" interface that requires a stylus.

Look at the beautiful screen on that Nook Simple Touch.