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Updating liveupdate

updating liveupdate-46

We recommend updating your NAS’s firmware when there is a new version available.

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MINIX3 now has support for live update and rerandomization of its system services. Additional Serialized Safe tables may be adding using the ‘go-live-update-urls-serialized-tables’ filter. Some of the features this plugin offers: The admin screen is extend-able for developers familiar with using filters or template overrides.The component responsible for orchestrating live updates is the RS (Reincarnation Server) service.(For a video version of this frequently asked question and answer, click this link.) Live Update mode updates images in the Composition or Layer panel during interactions.If you experience an unexpected error when performing a firmware upgrade, you can use the “Restore” function on the same page to load the configuration settings that you previously backed up.

The Live Update application provides users with a means of having the system components updated automatically.

You may un-check tables used by such plugins to avoid breakage and then update the urls manually for those plugins.

Currently the options, postmeta, usermeta, commentmeta, and sitemeta tables are serialization safe. This plugin will tell you which ones not to update.

The installed file Live is the auto-update component of the program which is designed to check for software updates and notify and apply them when new versions are discovered.

Pre-installed software such as this is usually included by default on the manufacturer's PC.

To use this feature, log into your NAS as an administrator (use the admin account, or a user account belonging to the administrators group) and go to “Control Panel” “Backup/Restore” and choose “Backup/Restore Settings”.