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Updating firmware wrt54g

updating firmware wrt54g-29

DISCLAIMER: Anything you do below this line carries a certain amount of risk and there is always a possibility of bricking your router! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for what happens to your router.

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You can turn the Linksys WRT54GS router into a repeater bridge by resetting the router, updating the firmware, setting a static IP address on your computer, changing the router settings then resetting the computer IP address.This task can be complex and time-consuming; only advanced users should try it.Plug the power adapter into the secondary WRT54GS and into a wall outlet. Continue holding the "Reset" button for approximately 30 seconds. Continue holding the "Reset" button for approximately 30 seconds. Open your browser and download the "DD-WRT" firmware package (see Resources). Input "" into your address bar and press "Enter." The router configuration page opens in your browser.Just about two years ago Greg turned me on to alternate firmware for the ubiquitous Linksys WRT54G. You can pick these little guys up for a song but it's the thriving alternate firmware community that's so interesting.Linksys has the best listing of the different firmware projects available.You may have made a mistake somewhere in the process. After all, these open source replacements come with no guarantees. You’ll know your router has been bricked because, well, it no longer works.

More specifically, you will probably see the power light blinking steadily. light, note whether it is lit at power on or whether it lights a few seconds later, or never at all. Sometimes you can breathe new life into your bricked router.

A while back, I was having some issues with my Linksys Router. A perfectly good router back then, but whenever I connected to it with my shiny new Windows 7 laptop via Wi-Fi, my network connection slowed to a crawl.

I tried everything and changed all of the router settings, to no avail.

The desperate recovery techniques involve opening your router and attempting to physically reset its circuitry.

Gentle Recoveries If you could simply reflash your seemingly dead router with an official Linksys firmware, you could, like Cher, turn back time.

My options: Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.