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Updating company wikipedia page

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You can also customize the company logo and banner text your end users will see at the top of each page.The DIV that contains the only shown if the property contains a value, otherwise, it is not used when building the banner.

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Some are concerned about the money being spent on a procedure that’s controversial and sometimes risky.“To my mind, [kyphoplasty] is an unproven modality and based upon current evidence would have to say it works as well as vertebroplasty, which is to say likely to work as well as a placebo,” says Rachelle Buchbinder, a professor of epidemiology and preventive medicine at Australia’s Monash University, as well as a co-author of a recent vertebroplasty review published by the Cochrane Collaboration, a network of independent researchers.She notes that in Australia, where she lives, public funding for the procedures was withdrawn after the two 2009 studies were published.The Space Logo appears in the sidebar and as an icon in the Sites Directory.The default space logo applies to all spaces that do not have a custom space logo applied - see Configure the Sidebar.You need to be a Confluence Administrator to change the default space logo.

To customize Service Now for your company, you can enter information such as contact phone numbers, street address, and additional notes.

To update the banner image in the System Properties The glide.product.description property (and the company banner text field) may contain HTML if necessary to allow links, coloring, etc. Use the property to set CSS properties for the DIV used to display the product name in the banner.

On January 11, 2013, James Heilman, an emergency-room physician and one of Wikipedia’s most prolific medical editors, was standing watch over the online encyclopedia’s entry for a back procedure called a kyphoplasty.

These properties are also used to set the window title as follows: glide.glide.product.description If blank, then Service Now is used as the product name for the window title.

The banner text and banner image defined for the Company that a user is assigned to may be used to override the glide.product.image and glide.product.description.

However the raw material usage is increased when creating higher quality goods and workers will not lose more energy while working (if working 10 energy is lost every time).