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Umbraco user control not updating

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First you need to make sure you use the correct property editors, this is something you determine in your initial design evaluation.Using the correct property editors is going to reduce the amount of properties you need on a document type and make it less confusing for your editors.

Nothing is more frustrating for a developer than a CMS that restricts you from getting down and dirty in the code. Umbraco is completely flexible to allow you to develop however you feel comfortable.First you will need to set up a application event handler that can update the action menu when it is loaded.This can be done by creating a class that inherits the Application Event Handler and overrides the Application Started method.Note that you can always download a nightly build so you don't have to build the code yourself.For the first time on the Microsoft platform, there is a free user and developer friendly CMS that makes it quick and easy to create websites - or a breeze to build complex web applications.Umbraco is not only loved by developers, but is a content editors dream.

Enjoy intuitive editing tools, media management, responsive views and approval workflows to send your content live.

Does your website need to be able to operate in multiple languages?

Do your CMS admin users need to be able to edit in their preferred language?

I can’t begin to stress how important it is to set these up properly to save everyone time in the future when updating the website.

This initial phase probably takes the longest with the planning and evaluation but it has the most impact on your back office and can either help or hinder the amount of code you have to write.

Don't want your freelance contractors to be able to access the Media Library and sensitive documents?