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The latest version of windows updating software

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These may include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point etc) and Internet Explorer (your Microsoft browser).

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Here's what you need to know and how to switch from earlier versions of Windows: Be sure to If you are not logged into your Microsoft account, enter the Store, go to the Charms menu, select Settings, click the "Your account" option, and sign in. Scroll down the next page and check the box next to the latest version of Internet Explorer. (At the time of this writing, version 5.5 was the latest). Confirm your selection on the "Download Checklist" web page. A white and blue "License Agreement" panel will appear. pdate" which will display the Microsoft Windows Update web page. Then, select the large "Update to Windows 8.1 for free" tile in the Windows Store.

If this option isn't available, you may have to update your PC to the latest Windows patch.

The company warned recently that mainstream support for Windows 7 will be coming to an end early next year.

Microsoft is hoping to have all of its users migrate to Windows 8.1, the latest version of its Windows operating system.

Other types of updates correct errors or enhance functionality within Windows, and are not necessarily security related.

They also detect which Microsoft products you are running on your computer and provide updates to these as well.

The fact that all of these excellent ones are completely free is even better.