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Supper club london dating

When the food has been eaten, it's off to the legendary and exclusive pop up SSC after party to finish up the evening.

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Tasty and hopefully tantalising, a dinner date in London is a good old fashioned way to get to know someone new.If you want to ‘wow’ your date, then a quiet corner or snug in a restaurant can give you the exclusivity of private dining without the cost.The good news for a dinner date in London is that Cupid has partnered with the Gourmet Society to give dating couples a FREE two-month membership with 50% off meals. A whistle-stop tour of where to head for a London dinner date.This unique supper club in London totes the best in authentic Italian fare, where braised meats, shellfish, and homemade breads and pastas rule the roost.Part of the Bacchanalian supper club series, the feast is hosted from the down-right-beautiful Dead Dolls House in Islington.The rest of the boring stuff (itinerary, cabs and after party) is organised by those friendly folk at Safari Supper Club.

On Saturday 16th February over 100 single Londoners will be loosening their ties and slipping on their stilettos when SSC put on one of their infamous grand-scale safaris.

It might be fine dining or a bite to eat at your local café – whatever you fancy – a dishy date can be the order of the day.

And good eye contact above and footsie under the table might be a welcome aperitif too!

This will be a group event where our matchmakers will try their best to place you closely with someone suited to you!

A fresh and exciting approach to meeting someone new. You will be asked to fill in an application form prior to attending to ensure a suitable match. you never get a second chance to make first impression!

However, our events and dinners are local to Glasgow and Edinburgh city centres for easy accessibility.