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Scott weiland is dating

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Instead of beating each other silly they started jamming together.

STP played their first gig at the Whisky in LA in 1990 under the name of Mighty Joe Young (isn't that a movie about a gorilla? The band released their first album Core in 1992 and the songs Plush and Sex Type Thing became big hits. Scott Weiland struggled with his heroine addiction while recording their third album Tiny Music...During all this, he was in and out of STP, launched a solo career and, in 2003, joined Velvet Revolver, a supergroup comprised of himself and three former members of Guns N’ Roses, definitely great guys to hang around while trying to kick a drug habit. Though derided by critics early in his career, Weiland’s onstage persona was known as being flamboyant and chaotic; he was also known for constantly changing his appearance and vocal style, his use of a megaphone in concert for vocal effect, as well as his battles with substance abuse.Now widely viewed as a talented and versatile vocalist, Weiland has been ranked in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists by Hit Parader.Born Scott Kline in 1967, Scott Weiland was a walking rock ‘n’ roll car crash.Much like his fellow grunge compadre and late Alice In Chains’ frontman Layne Stayley, Weiland was a flawed musical genius who spent much of his life battling drugs and treading a path of self destruction.In 1989 Weiland formed Stone Temple Pilots in San Diego with the brothers Dean and Robert De Leo, on guitar and bass, and Eric Kretz on drums.

Initially the band was criticised for sounding too like the Seattle-based grunge group Pearl Jam, but Weiland’s brooding voice had an appeal that stretched beyond the dirty guitars and heavy riffs of grunge.

READ MORE Scott Weiland's ex-wife needed cops to keep the peace after going nuclear when she was barred from taking some of his instruments. READ MORE TMZ has learned that rocker Scott Weiland has been arrested, again, for DUI. The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer was driving on an L.

Stone Temple Pilots might have been initially seen as a contrived grunge act by critics, but their frontman, Scott Weiland, sure matched Seattle’s finest in drug consumption.

He was best known for his time in Stone Temple Pilots who formed in 1989 after Weiland met bassist Robert De Leo at a Black Flag concert, and realised they were both dating the same woman.

While STP may have been eclipsed by the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and often dubbed “grunge imitators” during the short Seattle scene era, their debut album ‘Core’ was still a massive success in the States when it dropped in 1992, peaking at Number 3 in the Billboard Albums Chart and shifting over 8 million copies.

While on probation, he moved into a hotel room next to Courtney Love, and claims the two began doing drugs together.