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Gone are the days of “boy meets girl.” These days, a more likely scenario is “boy likes girl’s profile, girl lurks through boy’s pictures, boy flirtatiously messages girl.” Who doesn’t have a friend with a great online dating story? But let’s be frank—online dating isn’t any fairytale. There are a lot of factors that students should be privy to before playing. Whatever kind of relationship or interaction you’re looking for, there’s a website for you. “I’m a 23-year-old computer engineer in San Jose.” Profiles that are ambiguous, selfies in dark lighting and multiple excuses for not Skyping are some dead giveaways that a person is lying.Whether awkward, scary, sexy or dreamy, one thing’s for sure: Online dating has gone from the secret hobby of a few to the preferred dating method for many. Lucky for you, the Xpress is willing to spill the inside details on digital love. Online dating used to be stigmatized as a matchmaker for the spinster, the pervs, the lonely or all of the above. Once you’ve gotten over the initial embarrassment, have found the right online dating host and connect with what seems like a honest human, you’re ready for a rendezvous outside the confines of the internet. If you’re going straight for a hookup, make sure you text a friend your whereabouts throughout the night, and definitely use a condom.

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If it is not there, the two people will never come together.I wonder that it is like this - a child is crying and the mother posts on the net that my child is crying, what should I do? Similarly most of the issues of dating can be easily sorted out if we ask our partner. If you are sure about your choice of dating partner than most of the problems can be solved. Sometimes people get baffled with straight queries, but once they realize that you are very honest and open about your dating relationship, they will love it Why fear in dating? People fear that a small wrong step can spoil the dating and they will have to begin searching again. There’s no profit in expending valuable time and brain-cycles on the people who aren’t responding to you. Treating online dating like an exercise in commerce and marketing can seem antithetical to the process of trying to find a date, a sex partner, or a long-term relationship.You need to direct your attention to where it does the most good: the people who are already checking you out. After all, dating is all about putting your best, most authentic self forward and we associate marketing with an attractive line of bullshit that’s intended to lure in a bunch of suckers eager to be separated from their hard-earned money. Some take that opportunity and run, faking everything from photos to personal information, and others build a house of white lies.

Everyone wants to present their best self for potential suitors.

Logic told us that if we were cool and attractive, we would be able to find love face-to-face. Online dating has diversified into a home for those looking for quick hookups, adventurous outings, casual flirting and the ever-elusive long-term relationship. If your date doesn’t look remotely like the person in the pictures, you should either leave or confront them about it.

According to Ok Cupid analysts, the peak age for online dating is now 24 years old, meaning you and others like yourself are seeking. Only certain sites or apps will suit your dating preferences. Be aware that most dating sites aren’t geared toward connecting soulmates.

Relationship psychologist Honey Langcaster-James says: “Look straight into the camera and smile showing your teeth – this says open, friendly, healthy and confidence.” A recent study of the most popular profiles on dating sites showed 88 per cent are making eye contact with the camera in their profile picture.

Jim Talbott, director of consumer insights at, also suggests: “Keep your photos fresh, and swap out your primary photo frequently.

so you have to know how they think, what they’re looking for and, critically, how to grab them by the eyeballs. Your profile – your screen name, your photos, your vital statistics and your words – are your packaging and even slight flaws can make potential customers (dates) go off in search of products that strike them as more appealing. If you don’t snag those eyeballs right from the get-go, you’ve already lost them. You need your first photo to be one that impresses. Just your smiling face, possibly with a splash of color somewhere to help stand out from the other sea of photos. If you don’t have enough imagination to figure out how to get a photo from your time at the beach or waterpark to show that you’ve got more cuts than Tiesto then you really shouldn’t be worried about online dating in the first place.