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Try to add a bit more detail when answering, if the API changes (probably will) then your script will probably become obsolete, a few comments here and there will [email protected] I agree, however I don't see the harm in appending a line of text to say open the text editor and do this or that or linking to a post that already answers that, it's not time consuming.

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Note: If setting the active camera is only effecting a single view, you may have Scene-lock disabled.

In the 3D View header (Right hand side of layers buttons), there is a lock icon.

Cam wasn't the only big star in the house that night ... We reached out to V Live -- but they had no comment.

One of the most defining aspects of a real performance car is a performance cam, a stick that raises lift, adds duration, and gives the engine a distinctive idle that sounds really cool.

For example you may want to have a repeated action from alternate angles, simply set up the switching in the VSE then drag the scene strip along the timeline.