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Muddy walks dating

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One statue stands eight meters (26 feet) tall and is carved out of quartzite, a tough stone composed mostly of quartz grains.

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Just before the cattle grid, go left through the wall to find the Judge’s Chair.(AFP/Khaled Desouki) It could not be identified from its engravings but it was found at the entrance to the temple of King Ramses II — also known as Ramses the Great — suggesting it represents him.The other relic is a limestone bust of 12th century BC ruler King Seti II.Date: Sunday Time: from Girls (13-15): £10.00Women (16-17): £19.99Women (18 ): £19.99Under 13 entry: due to the nature of this event, you must be 13 or over to take part Venue: Mote Park, Mote Avenue, Maidstone, ME15 7SU View map Distance: Pretty Muddy 5k Course information The Maidstone route goes along the paths of this beautiful park.The course has a few inclines to challenge you, as well as the obstacles, so you will feel a sense of achievement once you have finished.They were discovered by a joint German-Egyptian archaeological mission.

“The discovery of the two statues shows the importance of the city of Heliopolis, which was dedicated to the worship of Ra,” the sun god, said Aymen Ashmawy, head of the Egyptian team on the dig.

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You can access Maidstone via junction 6, 7 and 8 of the M20.

When leaving by car, please exit by turning left onto Willow Way (left turn only, right turns will cause congestion to all) then take a right onto Park Way which will take you on to the A229.

The relics were found in Mattarya district, site of the ancient Pharaonic capital of Heliopolis and today a sprawl of working and middle class districts in northeastern Cairo.