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Monaco dating friends

Upcoming action includes Don Swayze showing up on January 5th – the truth about his very short “GH” arc is interesting.

However, she has been linked to her co-actors several times.In August 2015, Famous Fix posted photos of Kelly and Billy sharing a kiss in the hair and makeup room on set at ABC.They were also seen getting touchy-feely at awards shows and, in November 2016, Monaco-Miller romance rumors blew up when “GH” fan Blossom Brown posted twit pics of herself with Kelly and Billy outside an LA restaurant.Billy is even more private and while he did do some “The Young and The Restless” events, he hasn’t made a big splash at any “GH” conventions or events.It seems his spare time is devoted to auditioning for or working on other parts. #gh #Grateful THx2j UB— Blossom C.Cheryl posted a number of Snapchat videos in recent days of she and Kelly hanging over the holidays and there was not a man in sight! No, alas, the truth is far less interesting, but still fun.

That all changed on New Year’s Eve when Cheryl posted a Snapchat video of she and Kelly with two gorgeous men. The two men with Kelly and Cheryl are CJ Blair and Tony Pututau and Cheryl posts regularly on social media calling them “her gays." So unfortunately, it seems if Ke Mo has a boyfriend, he was hiding out on New Year’s.

Unlike those personalities, some celebrities wrap their personal life and keep it out of reach from the limelight.

Kelly Monaco falls under the category of the stars who has maintained massive privacy on her love life.

Kelly and Billy are private, don’t engage with “GH” fans online, and keep their personal lives low-key.

Kelly is seen occasionally on social media when BFF Cheryl Burke posts Snapchats of them goofing or if another actor catches Kelly in a snap backstage or at a cast party.

If Ke Mo and Billy were a thing, she would have been with him ringing in the New Year romantically, right?