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"The church must take account of this reality, but in the sense that it must strengthen its commitment to evangelization.

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The charges are understood to be connected to allegations made by Paudie Mc Gahon, who told a BBC Spotlight programme that he and his friend were raped at his Co Louth home by an IRA man who was on the run.Leo and I have been to Ireland a few times now and, as much as we love the Emerald Isle, hot women are scarce. THE alleged rapist of Co Louth man Paudie Mc Gahon has been arrested by Spanish police on the back of an international arrest warrant.Mr Mc Gahon claimed that republicans took the law into their own hands after he contacted Louth Sinn Féin councillor Pearse Mc Geough in 2002 alleging that he had been raped by an IRA man at his family home at the age of 17.The 40-year-old, who claims he was the victim of a cover-up by Sinn Féin and the IRA, has said he was told his alleged attacker could be shot, beaten up or exiled during a kangaroo-style court.Advertisers, who glossy magazines were so dependent on for revenue, “sold the message that to be a good, modern wife you had the latest, cutting edge-technologies”, Meehan says.

It’s one of the first campaigns globally of this nature on Tinder, and raises awareness about the crimes behind sex trafficking and prostitution using Tinder profiles to tell stories about victims of trafficking.

James Kavanagh, who has several thousand followers online, is giving weekly classes to his Snapchat followers.

He says it is to help people become more informed about sex and ask questions that have not been addressed in traditional settings.

And if it's anything to do with SEX, it's a mortal sin.

Here, in one uncensored package, is everything you've ever wanted to know about sex and love in Ireland but were afraid to ask for fear of a clatter on the ear - Abstinence, Confession, Clingfilm, Croke Park, the Ballybunion Bachelor Festival ... Find out who shouldn't have, but did; why there were lots of 'fallen women' but no 'fallen men'; and the extreme measures taken to stop us thinking about our wobbly bits and return to singing about the Famine.

In November, Francis said marriage between a man and a woman was "an anthropological fact...