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—law this summer, putting college students at risk of punishment if they cannot demonstrate that they received “clear permission” to engage in “sexual activity.” But how many students know about the new law they’re required to follow? And how exactly can they The law doesn’t define a “sexual act,” and students were split about whether something as ubiquitous as kissing counted. ” to a firm “definitely” to a non-committal “no, not really.” Some students said they used “body language” to cue their partners about consent, while another student said the new law seems to mandate more, including “a verbal confirmation that they’re ready to have sex with you.”Yet another thought that no matter what a potential partner said—even if he or she verbally consented—students had to be on the lookout for physical cues, too.

“I think a lot of the times people can say something but not really mean it,” the student said.

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