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Public Access terminals are located at the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center and at main county police departments, including the Kona Police Station from a.m.

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If the license has already been received by our office, there may be a $20 amendment fee charged to correct the information. To avoid these errors, review and verify your information before submitting the application.Chapter 846E, HRS, does not restrict where a registered covered offender may reside or work.However, certain covered offenders, still under supervision, may have restrictions in their Terms and Conditions of supervision.Note 2: A registrable offender has regular unsupervised contact with a child only if the offender has unsupervised contact with the child for at least 3 days (whether or not consecutive) in a period of 12 months (see s 60(c)).Note: A registrable offender is generally employed at particular premises only if the offender is employed at the premises for at least 7 days (whether or not consecutive) in a period of 12 months (see s 60(d)). The Commissioner of Police must ensure that any information in the Register about a person to whom Division 5 applies, whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from that information, cannot be accessed other than by a person authorised by the officer responsible for the day-to-day operation of the witness protection program.The following Frequently Asked Questions and answers are provided as a courtesy. You should consult with an attorney for legal advice and interpretation of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), Chapter 846E Registration of Sex Offenders and Other Covered Offenders and Public Access to Registration Information.

during the first week of the months of January, April, July, and October of every year, the covered offender shall report to the chief of police where the covered offender resides, or to such other department or agency that may be designated by the attorney general, and shall review the existing information in the registry that is within the covered offender’s knowledge, correct any information that has changed or is inaccurate, and provide any new information that may be required.

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A person’s tier level does NOT have any effect on whether the person is subject to the 2,000 ft law, how long they are required to register, or any other element of sex offender registration.

It is used ONLY to determine how often the person must update registration information.

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