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Garth brooks dating trisha yearwood

In an interview for the Friday, November 29, episode of “The Ellen De Generes Show” on Friday, November 29, the country superstar talked at length about their relationship.The “Wrapped Up In You” singer explained that they met through songwriter Kent Blazy who thought the pair would get along.

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Garth Brooks may have been married to Trisha Yearwood for almost 13 years but he still sounds like a gushing newlywed when discussing her.We were friends for a really long time, so there was always a deep friendship.I’ve always had great respect for him, I’ve always liked him. Because you guys have the same mindset, this should be a great weekend. Now, multiply it by different sex, different color skin, different religious preference. So the thing is just tolerance, understanding patience. So it’s going to be a great weekend where the most important thing are those kids on the field. Every day today it remains just to be more true and more true. Lets add songs like “People Loving People” with it. We have no clue what the other person that might be raised exactly like us–same color skin, everything–we have no clue what they are going through, even though we think we do.'" They went onto to have three daughters before divorcing in 2000.

Yearwood who had two failed marriages behind her was also single and the pair began dating before marrying in December 2005. And we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did.

KING: Plus, he'll tell us what he's got against i Tunes. And he currently headlines at various times a series of shows at the beautiful Encore Theater at the Wynn in Las Vegas. And I couldn't depend on Sandy to carry my load for me anymore. The most important days, more than any Grammy award thing or anything, is the day that you're responsible for snacks after the game. I, along with Miss Yearwood and Sandy, have a job to finish for sure and that's getting these kids off to school. So if I have the babies in the morning, they go to school and at -- because that was usually soccer practice, then after soccer practice, they go home with their mom. We'll talk about his life with his terrific wife, Trisha Yearwood. He's Garth Brooks, he's back on the scene, and the scene is better for it. KING: And you can still die even though they love you and they want you and they -- BROOKS: Here's what we originally started talking about in this conversation. You know, they can -- once they give you the ball, you got to run with it. So you're lucky if you get the ball, but then it's up to you after that. BROOKS: Well, as a player of Wynn's show, you definitely learn a lot. But, you know, when you get out there, it's just you and that guitar with everybody and you're telling a story. And Billy Joel writes music way above my understanding. As long as your relationship with God or Christ or whatever it is you believe in is healthy, then everything's good.

BROOKS: I still use the guitar pretty much just to hide my gut. KING: Great to welcome back after too long an absence, the brilliant Garth Brooks, the Grammy-winning country superstar. He's the number one selling solo artist in the United States' history. And you know, the most important -- we were talking about this the other day. BROOKS: These kids look at you like -- like nobody has ever looked at you before, because that's your role and that's -- that's very important. Somebody who went on the radio and pushed buttons like everybody else and stocked on things you loved and went on past things you didn't. But that was fun for me to get back there, because now I think I look at the music business a lot different than ever would if I wouldn't have left. My first year-out of retirement this year, working for Wynn and doing other stuff also took the ceiling off my head to say no. But we still have two children left in high school. We're always together at every soccer game, every track meet. With that said three kids and three parents, worked out pretty good. And the person she is finding, she is liking and so am I. We'll talk about how Steve Wynn got him to come back. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: I can truthfully say I never knew anyone like him. KING: So you have the audience before you come on, don't you? You're dying anyway, go ahead and try it, you know? And I still use the guitar pretty much just to hide my gut. We have a song called "Shameless" in a show that Billy Joel wrote. As long as your children are healthy and the people you love are healthy, then everything's great.

My hardest thing was to let go, to be happy for everybody and just to enjoy. But it's -- it's how we are in our -- in our world. And this was very important for me to stay with it. BROOKS: It's in between -- its north of Tulsa in between Owasso (ph) and Claremore, great two towns. And Sandy is right in the middle of that right now. You did it with a guy that truly believed in your talent, Steve Wynn. So when things aren't going well, instead of just falling apart, start learning, figure it out.

There was a great line during the Olympics that said patience is an action, so if you want to take action, sometimes that best action is patience.

I'll put the country music audience up against anybody as far as numbers, size, quality of fans. BROOKS: You know, when I was just starting out, Arsenio Hall had an interview, and he asked himself that, why me. And he said what I learned was, stop asking why, and just get to work because your time is only going to be for a little while. You know, because there's people every day in that town and you know that town. You believe there are people ten times more talented? And so I was looking for a way to get a-hold of him. You know, being an ass just because you can make that decision or stand up believing because you really think it's right, even though the whole current is going everywhere else. You had mentioned i Tunes and you had mentioned digital. It's like, you know, the closest thing I can do it to is a sports team or a military unit. And that night there was a piano sitting out there. There had to be -- there had to be six or seven artists playing at it.