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Fun adventure dating games online

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Explore new territories and solve the puzzles you find along the way.There's lots of cool adventures to be had in these online games!

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All online flash games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective free game owners or flash game authors.Find your next favourite and start playing right away! This free online category will take you to far off lands where you battle dinosaurs, play Phineas & Ferb or even operate on a patient to save their lives.Or if you like cute cars and challenging puzzles, take a look at the Wheely games, in which you help a little red car named Wheely on his many adventures.New version of this funny adventures and skill game where you have to help again this prisioner to escape without being seen. Get the magic clock and beat the obstacles in each level. Use arrow keys to move and space bar to move forward or back in time.Why not start with the fun series of Fireboy and Watergirlgames.

In these puzzle adventure platformer games you have to help the boy and the girl work together to collect all the diamonds and clear all the obstacles in each level.

Heroes of the move to the perimeter, jumping from platforms, climbing the ropes and vines, running distance, always something to collect, break up, get, blow.

A job can be any, because the game to be in the most unexpected plots.

Our adventure games can be played as full pc games. Run and jump in our many platform games and react fast to any threats.

All our games are free online games and very well suited for children.

Whether you're trying to become a hero and save the day or just survive whatever pickle you've found yourself in, our adventure category makes this easy, fun and free!