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The software we list here is all totally free, and (unlike shareware), has permanent full functionality.You may wonder - as did I - why I was suddenly receiving all her text messages.The following morning, my husband Keith got to the bottom of what was going on.This software won't throw any annoying "nag" screens at you, asking you to register.And most importantly, it won't expire after 30 days! A few days earlier we had upgraded Annie's old mobile to an i Phone 4s. At this point everything was telling me I should turn the phone off and remain in blissful ignorance.

I defy any responsible parent not to consider this a serendipitous turn of events. Keith, echoing my thoughts, said: 'This is really bad.

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As usual when it comes to parenting matters, Keith's reaction differed to mine. Do nothing and we risked never knowing what she was really up to. Seizing a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into your child's life, or sticking your parental head in the ground? The world of teenage instant messaging is one you enter at your peril. 'Thanx babe,' she replied with all the insouciance of a seasoned flirt.

My gut feeling was to call the school, haul Annie out and interrogate her. I'm sure there are many parents reading this and leaping to judge our duplicitous actions. For starters every other word is interjected with 'ahaha' or 'pahaha' - a demonstration of laughter. In another text she asked a boy called Ben: 'Do you like me?

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