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Free online granny cams

With security being a big concern it's reassuring to know that any data sent over the Internet is password protected so there's little chance of anyone eavesdropping on your broadcasts.All-in-all, PC Nanny Cam is easy to set up and use, provides reasonable results and may give a little more peace of mind to protective parents everywhere.

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Simply plug the camera into a PC, install the software and monitoring can begin.Encore software have obviously put some thought into the way the system works as it's possible to monitor activity in a number of different ways by taking regular snapshots of the desired room or play area, sending continuous live video out to the viewer or recording direct to your PC's hard drive when some form of motion is detected--clever stuff.Even better, if the camera detects motion in a room the software will contact you by e-mail, mobile phone or PDA.If you can, offer to do some small tasks around their home.Simple things like replacing light bulbs, or vacuuming the stairs, can be difficult for an elder with limited mobility.Senior Care Corner is a great resource, and has some additional information and ideas for checking in on elderly people.

With a nickname like ‘Racing Granny’, you’d think Becky Kuhfeldt would be easy-going.

Ever wanted to keep a closer eye on your offspring while they're playing, sleeping or doing all the things kids do, even though they're not supposed to?

PC Nanny Cam provides a one-box solution to all of your child surveillance needs, giving peace of mind when the children are out of sight, and thanks to its ability to stream video content straight onto the Internet it also allows parents who are away from their families the luxury of seeing what's happening at home.

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