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Erin karpluk dating

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Phurba travels regularly to project sites in Nepal to personally oversee the completion and success of the Greater Himalayas Foundation projects.She strongly believes that even small charity work can make big impacts, and envisions the Foundation to create such influences.

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Finally, the short film was released in late 2014, running to a full fourteen minutes and frustrating fans entirely.The Foundation was established in Washington DC in 2007.The activities of the Greater Himalayas Foundation include providing scholarships to inspire younger generations, encouraging community leadership, preserving the culture and tradition of Himalayan communities, and supporting humanitarian efforts in remote Himalayan communities.In 2009, Erin received the Gemini Award for Best Actress, and the following spring, she won the 2010 Leo Award for Best Lead Actress in a dramatic series for her work on the show.Erin has also recurred on the CW series Life Unexpected, and appeared on the hugely successful CTV series Flashpoint.In the meantime, to give fans a glimpse of the final product they’ll be getting and whet the appetite, series creator and writer Jonathan Williams answered some of my pressing questions and gave me a sneak peek of what’s to come.

The creation of this series has been quite a saga – from the trailer and the curiosity it sparked to the short film to the TV series.

Dawa Sherpa is the daughter of Mingma Norbu Sherpa.

A not so very long time ago, in this galaxy, in those geeky communities where the card-carrying members of the geek clubs congregate, a trailer was making its rounds for a certain short film.

They wanted , a television series with a storyline of “epic proportions,” according to writer and producer Jonathan Williams.

Serving as a sort of “reboot” of the series rather than a continuation, it starts with the same premise: Alar accidentally enters the human world, where he meets Kim (now a magazine fact-checker rather than a travel agent).

Tahmoh has never engaged with her, but has been kept informed of her comments and is also now aware of her increasingly delusional and malicious statements.