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Edison chen dating 16

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and I rolled my eyes when he said he wouldn't change anything...sorry saying that is the same thing to me as saying you dont regret it...............Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen acknowledged her relationship with her hairstylist boyfriend, Tom last month.

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Her manager said a mobile phone Tse had lost could have been the source of the leaked photos. She left early and was met by her father, who told reporters that her fling with Chen was her first romance. In another leaked excerpt urging her to pose in her school uniform, he wrote: 'Rmb tmr to bring ur real school uni... N cutecute clothing.'When she agreed to his request, he wrote: 'Cant waitty.'He reportedly sent pictures of maid costumes to her, saying the outfits were from the luxury lingerie line Agent Provocateur. Edisongate has returned to the Internet and this time it involves a 16-year-old female student and, apparently, sexual fetishes and sexting.Pop star Edison Chen, whose sex pictures with female celebrities went viral and led to a scandal in 2008, on Tuesday admitted having dated Cammi Tse, 16, hours after pictures of them exchanging hot kisses appeared in tabloid Eastweek and were circulated online.However, Taiwanese media reported that Tom has a girlfriend, and Ivy has unknowingly become a third party!Tom’s girlfriend, Eva reportedly is also a hairstylist and is an investor in Tom’s hair salon.In one picture, Chen, 31, with his torso bare, grins at the camera while he presses Tse's head against his. In a statement on Tuesday afternoon, he claimed that he had split up with his girlfriend Vincy Yeung, 21, about six months ago and was lovesick when he met Tse.'I felt I could develop this relationship. At this moment, I am again single,' he added, according to reports.

Tse, who has been called a lengmo (Cantonese slang for pseudo model), reacted to Chen's very public dumping of her by confessing on her microblog that they had indeed dated but had split up.

He once claimed he was the 50 Cent of Hong Kong on his blog before his sex scandal broke three years ago.

It all happened when he took his laptop to the computer store to get it fixed.

I do it all the time but I keep the photos, not them. The news broke out when Cammi Tse left her phone in a taxi.

Naughty pictures and SMS texts of her and Edison got released to the press.

I thought he was cute, and his package was pretty big compared to most Chinese men I know.