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Dylan and cole sprouse dating life

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Then, Cole got chance to play in yet another successful TV series “Friends” as Ben Keller.In 2005, he got an opportunity to work on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” where he played the role of Cody Martin.

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We’ve done some digging into Cole Sprouse’s dating timeline and we found some interesting posts online.All their fans respected that decision — despite missing them tremendously on their screens.Somewhere in the back of fans' minds, though, we thought Disney Channel's OG set of twins would return to our screens in all their former twinning glory, and it seems with the latest Sprouse movie casting news, it's true.The second photo features the TV star completely nude and cupping his genitals, though half of his face is out of frame.Dylan didn't deny that the photos are real, however. Got to move past it I suppose." Dylan also added "n00d pic dealer" to his Twitter bio. Dylan replied shortly after, writing, "Love you too."Dylan also took to Tumblr to address the scandal, reblogging some of the more perverse responses to his leaked pictures.Though he does not speak Italian, his parents are from Italy. He has a twin brother, Dylan Sprouse, who is also an actor.

They are known as the Sprouse Bros in the industry.

Morgan met Sprouse in 2013 when he was on a break from acting with his brother, who also graduated from NYU, with honors.

Unfortunately for Morgan and Sprouse, the pair didn’t last and broke up sometime shortly after graduating.

(Jump to 28-minute mark to hear her tell it.)"He and Victoria Justice had had a thing before me, so I was always super jealous," Alyson dished.

Like Anyway, the young couple flamed out when Cole did a terrible thing.

Except for one little thing: Only one twin has been cast in the movie.