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Dating violence interview questions

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In addition, if you use written screening, always sign off on form, and/or document in your records the written screening results with a dictation comment or form checkbox, to insure that you do not overlook a “yes”.Oral questions may be part of your routine history at new and annual visits, or may come up in response to a suspicious sign or symptom.

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When teens begin to date, it can be an exciting time.Domestic violence is a serious community problem, which affects individuals of all races, religions and socio-economic backgrounds, including elders and juveniles.The San Jose Police Department, in conjunction with the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office, agree to respond to acts of domestic violence as crimes.Imagine being so scared of someone or ashamed that you don't know where to turn for help. However, if you are reading this article, then you are making an important first step in getting educated so you know the warning signs and can make safer, better choices about dating and relationships.Page Navigation What To Do If You Are The Victim Of A Domestic Assault Or Related Crime.Victim Notification System Getting Help Important Phone Numbers & Domestic Violence Websites Domestic Violence Related Crimes Definitions Related Information SJPD Family Violence Center Other Links Child Abuse Council of Santa Clara County Family Violence Center 1671 The Alameda Suite #100 San Jose, CA.

95126 [Map Link] Family Violence Center hours: Walk-ins accommodated on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: AM to PM By appointment Monday and Friday: AM – PM Office: 408.277.3700 Fax: 408.287.7181 What To Do If You Are The Victim Of A Domestic Assault Or Related Crime.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 4 adolescents report verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse each year.

And 1 in 11 high school students report being physically hurt by someone they were dating.

Victims of domestic violence are vulnerable to further episodes of abuse regardless of their behaviour.

Responsibility for violence rests solely with the abuser.

It includes forms of violent and controlling behaviour such as: physical assault, sexual abuse, rape, threats and intimidation, harassment, humiliating and controlling behaviour, withholding of finances, economic manipulation, deprivation, isolation, belittling and constant unreasonable criticism.