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Stan Tatkin has found a way to make the complexities of this elusive process clear, without diluting the science and clinical practice that inform this central life issue.* Published in association with e Harmony, the fastest growing online dating organisation in the UK with over 1 million subscribers; * The subject of a major marketing campaign in association with e Harmony; * There are 8 million singles in the UK; * 69% of first dates are now arranged via a social networking site or through an online dating service; * UK visits to online dating sites have grown by 16% over the last 2 years.Of these new visitors, the majority are over 35 years old. D, is an expert in the field of relationships, emotions and health psychology.I read this book because I was looking for material to use in conjunction with high school sex education material in a home school situation, so this review will focus on the benefits it has for discussion between parents and teens who are not yet or just beginning to be interested in dating.The book was written partially as a response to I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and the accompanying message preached in some Christian circles that dating is destructive, selfish, and inherently painful.There he researched the factors that led to marital success as part of an 11-year study of married couples. Meant for folk seeking to get together and stay together-- so Pick-Up Artist "game"sters into "negs" and "diplaying higher value" and females spinning-up the "rationalization hamster" chasing "Alphas" (both in fear of ending up alone for want of enough effort) pay attention, you may want to read this to help make you search healthier (and possibly make what you fear happening less likely).

He has taught, presented and published extensively on topics relating to relationships, love and health, and has received numerous honours and awards for his work, including the prestigious National Science foundation minority Predoctoral Fellowship and Psi Chi National Undergraduate Research Competition. You'd spend $9.99 (at least) buying someone a drink that goes nowhere, so spend it on something more beneficial instead. I thought that I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to find but at the same time it didn't seem quite right. It was easy to read and had thoughtful exercises that helped me know myself a little better and what I wanted/needed in a new relationship. This book takes you from insecurity about meeting someone new through the dating process to doing what it takes to make a committed relationship work.

(Yep, even seniors are looking for love and companionship.)This is a book of common sense.

Unfortunately, sometimes in matters of the heart, common sense goes flying out the window and we think we can maneuver those treacherous waters of romance alone. This book helps us know when and how to maneuver and when to back off or even run, not walk, to the nearest exit.

In his work for e Harmony, Dr Gonzaga is researching initial attraction and directing one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of marriage to date.

Prior to joining e Harmony Dr Gonzaga worked with world-renowned marriage researcher Dr Thomas Bradbury at the University of California, Los Angeles. Sure, it's the basics but they're rounded-up comprehensively in one place and covered more candidly than elsewhere-- written for adults who have a brain and not a lot of time for vague B. (i.e., this ain't their first rodeo) but keeps still things quite positive.

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