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Dating somebody suffering fear of abandonment

Limerence, which is not exclusively sexual, has been defined in terms of its potentially inspirational effects and in relation to attachment theory.

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"It turned out Suzette had always had a difficult relationship with alone time.Being alone can be a pleasure, a self-imposed state induced by social anxiety, or enough to cause a fear amounting to phobia (sometimes called monophobia) so bad that it drives people to do anything other than spend time alone.The person who is terrified of being alone feels fundamentally unsafe and unable to look after themselves.“Hahahah, look at all these male foxes chasing after me, Frances! ” Frances, looking a little embarrassed and scared, turned around to see 10 male foxes or more, chasing her friend Felesha Fox.“Why don’t you have even…Read the Rest of the Article →Renee Wade66 Comments “Hi could you write an article on how to recognize/meet/make friends with similar minded/good-hearted/positive women?Or perhaps you had a car crash, nothing serious, you tell yourself, as you weren’t physically hurt.

You keep trying to rationalise what happened, to tell yourself to just ‘get over it’. While it’s true you aren’t in “medical shock” – an acute circulatory condition where blood pressure falls so severely that multiple organ failure can occur – you are still in a medically recognised kind of shock.

Some of us have a greater need to be with others, but we extent.

And for some, the need to be around others - perhaps even around one specific 'safe' person - becomes overwhelming.

Note that we are NOT talking about PTSD, which is a response to extremes of stress such as going through a war, being attacked or tortured, or being in a very serious accident. When you enter emotional shock, it’s generally because your belief that the world is a safe place has taken a hit.

If you are looking for information on PTSD do read our guide to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder here. Something has happened that you didn’t expect, weren’t prepared for, and couldn’t prevent happening.

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