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Dating painted dials

and find a clock where the proportions will suit best. PLEASE PHONE A slim Scottish drumhead longcase clock.Always leave at least a 3 inch gap if you have low ceilings, small 'Cottage' clocks normally in stock. A high quality case of small proportions with choice flame mahogany veneers to the trunk door and moulded base panel. A concave wooden bezel surround to the dial with giltwood inner dial masking.

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The century and a quarter that preceded the American Revolution saw about two hundred clock makers plying their trade in the important towns of the Colonies, but they apparently were not numerous enough to have made all the grandfather clocks of that period.Fundamentally, these clocks consisted of four parts: The weight, the source of power; the train, which transmitted the downward pull of the weight into the rotary velocity; the escapement, which transmitted the rotary velocity of the train into intermittent--or periodic--motion; and the pendulum, the controlling element associated with the intermittent motion of the escapement.The theory behind this was that the force of a weight is constant, while the force of spring may vary with its tension.These Edinburgh drumhead longcase clocks are elegant in there simplicity.There are a number of Millar's listed in Donald Whyte's 'Scottish Clock & Watchmakers' book in the 18th and 19th centurys. A quality Georgian longcase clock of good proportions.William Blanchard of Hull is recorded in Loomes' 'Watchmakers and Clockmakers of The World' book as working from 1813-1823.

A small 'cottage' oak longcase clock with mahogany crossbanding.

More often, however, the clockmaker merely supervised the making of the case.

These fine clocks, each one a masterpiece, were so expensive that only the wealthy could afford them.

Click here for details of: Home page Finding out about yourantique clock: identification / valuation / appraisal CLOCKS FOR SALE Lantern clocks bought Arranging a visit Books for sale by Brian Loomes Contact Clock how-tos Articles on clock collecting Finding a clock by a particular maker Archive (sold clocks) A penny moon is a feature much admired by collectors, but the term is used to mean a variety of different things.

A penny moon dial is one which shows the moon's phases and usually its date too, and is almost always positioned below the XII numeral.

Tall case clocks represented two crafts; that of the clockmaker who worked in metal and that of the cabinetmaker who worked in wood.