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Dating games playing hard to get

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Don’t roll your eyes: it’s actually been proven that playing hard to get works.

In psychology we have learned about the reciprocity principle: we tend to like someone if they like us.But when we have to work to get something we want, it’s more exciting, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.Before you commit to this idea, keep in mind that playing hard to get is a totally different ball game than plain old flirting.Playing hard to get is all about staying mysterious and playing mind games.While I would normally tell you girls to be honest about your feelings and to go after what you want, this advice is going to be a little different.And when you come to think of it, the date is often looking for a vicarious way to experience your interesting life, hoping the thrill of it will rub on him/her. Don’t force the pace of events in your personal life.

Let a relationship develop according to the interests of the other person and not always your own.

One way of looking at dating is as a game and the men and women involved as players.

While it may, at times, seem unnecessary or even unnatural to keep the girl or guy you like waiting, the mystery and challenge of it all is what makes the game so exciting.

But what if we don't know if someone really likes us or not? Gilbert of Harvard University recruited 47 female undergraduates.

How does uncertainty affect how we feel about someone else? The participants were told that male students from two other universities had looked at the Facebook profile of several college women, including their own profile.

It might sound a little out-dated and kind of annoying.