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Dating culture in the netherlands

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Yet, living abroad, even in such an expat-friendly environment as Amsterdam, can prove stressful.

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On the , there are elements of Dutch culture that sets it apart from Asia.😉 I had a fun time doing this with every new person I met in the past week!Though hellos/farewells can take quite long when you’re in a big group – For example, last Wed I was on a movie outing with 7-8 friends, and it took several minutes before all of us were done with our farewells since each cheek kiss greeting takes about 20 seconds!Whereas in Singapore, where it’s a very meritocratic environment, people want to stand out for their achievements and success.Back home teachers dress formal, talk formal and for a student it is not that comfortable to communicate with them because you always have to think how to say thinks so it sounds polite and formal.Here you are at the same level as the teachers are, with that I mean you can talk with a teacher easily, they are open - minded, they dress informal and the atmosphere is more natural and free.In fact, many expats I have come across in the Netherlands and elsewhere have gone through a lot of doubt and confusion.

Many social habits and traditions you take for granted are suddenly challenged when you find yourself face to face with another culture.

Unsurprisingly, many of the questions I receive as a dating expert concern cultural differences: “How do I flirt with Dutch men?

” or “How long should I wait before calling a German girl I just met?

What kind of differences in foods did you experience compared to your own country?

The food is very different in the Netherlands and in my country.

For example the people here, they do not eat spicy food, they take the breakfast something very light like: bread with cheese,ham.