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Dating a fat pig

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Here, 20 women sound off on the worst photos, most off-putting bios, and other dating profile blunders most men make. “When a guy lists things about women that annoy him.” - Madeline O.

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If you want to find a genuine partner, you've got to jump through hoops and weed through users who are only in it for kicks (or simply want to shag). I also confess to understanding this may be an innate preference, just as men have innate preferences about a woman’s weight.There is an interesting story in the Daily Mail today about a formerly slim woman who gained significant weight over the course of her marriage, much to her husband’s dismay.Tangentially related to yesterday’s post in which I noted that feminists expect men to continue in their traditional gender roles while women discard theirs, Ali takes a look at what counts as “sexy” in popular culture.To be honest, I knew the stats would be bad, but I was surprised at just how bad they are!The Plot: Tom is a young urban professional who has a bad track record of quickly losing interest in the attractive women he dates.

Although in comparison to his crude friend Carter, Tom seems more sensitive than your typical cad.

“When he only has pictures of himself—body shots, selfies—that’s a no-no.” - Carly M. “If he’s not wearing a shirt in any picture, even though he’s muscular.” - Katrina K. “When a guy’s clearly cropped someone out (cough, a girl) of a photo.

“Statements or acts of belittling women, arrogance, and multiple selfies.” - Melissa T.

And if you just want to shag, well, you'll find that plenty of women are up for that too—but they're probably more discerning than you might think.

Bottom line: You need to optimize your profile so you're attracting the right kind of women and do everything you can to stand out for all the right reasons.

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