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Daisy rock of love dating

In this series eighteen hot, rockin' dudes are their for her to choose from as these guys are from all walks of life: garage and members, meatheads and even blonde-haired Swedish triplets that looked like they just walked out of an 80's music video.Daisy will allow them all to move into a Hollywood Mansion and fight for her love.

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The Poison front man explained why he decided to put his dating life on display, why he thinks his show is different than other dating series, and how it's going with the woman who won his heart this season.Though he didn’t return my calls or respond to the reams of advice I had for him in choosing from the gaggle of wannabe rock star arm-candy strippers, in the end he did the right thing.Why you couldn't stop watching: It was all of your favorite personalities from your most watched reality television shows being taught class by Sharon Osbourne. It took multiple emergency personnel to get Daisy into the ambulance.We’re told Daisy is currently receiving treatment at a Los Angeles area hospital.She will carefully weed them out one by one and hopefully find the man ready to be her new Rock Star boyfriend.

While going to sleep Sunday night, I started worrying about those two stars tattooed on Daisy de la Hoya’s neck.

Her representatives, of course, are claiming that it was “delerium as a result of exhaustion” and that there was no overdose.

However, all of her scheduled appearances for the weekend have been cancelled.

Not an HBO series like John Adams or reruns of The Sopranos.

No, it’s those damn-fool reality shows that hook me.

1 choice who, coincidentally, was also my pick for him.