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Cystic fibrosis dating each other

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There is no cure for CF, only new and better ways to manage it.

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Explain that medications need to be taken at the time of each meal, especially pancreatic enzymes and supplemental vitamins.Katie and Dalton met online when they were only 18 years old.Both of them were born with cystic fibrosis, a fatal hereditary disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system.with red and green lights, Christmas carols played in the background and her friends decorated a large tree in the living room.Katie was wearing a festive sweater with a cat on the front and trying her best to enjoy the day’s festivities.I would not recommend it because of cross infections. Another story of a CF couple was recently in the news, comparing them to the characters in the movie The Fault in Our Stars. She ended up with Cepacia and lost the rest of her lung function.

Her states Medicaid didnt want to pay for a transplant, and her nearby hospitals didnt do transplants for people with B. In the end, the news story generated enough sympathies to open the resources for her to go to Boston for a transplant.

Smenle34: Just curious if anyone else has dated or is dating another person with CF? There is a CF on couple on facebook that is married but Im pretty sure they both ended up with transplants. Its definitely nice to have something in common and someone who understands completely but these days CF people can chat online, video call, text, etc. Doctors recommended they maintain a physical distance.

Im not sure how sick they were before they met each other. there are plenty of fish in the sea that dont have CF. dkh73: Ive read a couple of articles about CF couples. They met in the hospital in their early 20s and spent 1-2 years as a couple before each passed within a few months of each other. She had the attitude that the shed accept the consequences for love and risk the infection.

Because of the risks of patient-to-patient transmission of respiratory infection, CF patients must keep their distance from each other.

Yet the complexity of the disease and the immense challenges it imposes on patients and their families call for connections among those patients, their families and caregivers.

Teach the parents protocols for home IV care, as needed.