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“We have to root this out and make sure that people are comfortable coming forth.” If the settlement is approved, the 15 people who have come forward will each receive about $100,000 “I think in this case the City of Westmount found a way to resolve the dispute instead of ignoring or litigating,” said Kurt Johnson, the lawyer for Westmount.

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Ens, who grew up in Rosthern, and her husband Norman spent 20 years as missionaries in Cambodia.A chill, bar-oriented Japanese spot, it's decked out in traditional stone & wood, and offers over 25 varieties of sake to drown dishes like yellowtail sushi, Karaage fried chicken, Okonomiyaki seafood crepes, and more importantly: Icône; 3435, boul.St-Laurent Charles Pariseau (of Le Local fame) has gone all-out with Icône (which he opened in June) by giving it elegant art-deco stylings, a vast wine list, and an impressively classy seasonal menu w/ the likes of smoked duck & white turnips, or Berkshire pork chops w/ mustard cream.Chronicling casual restos in this city has come to be as much writing about business, history and culture as it is about the food itself.Sure, we’re all trying to make a buck and we’re all trying to get a deal, but the casual food scene has its own economics, curious customers and committed restaurateurs.“I think there's a bit of blood on it, but I've kept it forever,” she said. I understood, but I felt so betrayed, and so sick,” said Ruth Ellis. Matthew Bissonnette returned to Westmount two years ago to launch the class action against the city. Everyone who is a victim of sexual abuse suffers in similar ways.

“He was such a happy child and then suddenly he’s beating up his brother, bed-wetting; his behaviour changed dramatically.” Ruth Ellis had no idea her son was being sexually abused by Garland, who worked for 34 years for Westmount’s parks and recreation department until 1987. It took another two years for Doug Ellis to tell his loved ones about the abuse. Shortly after he broke his silence, Doug Ellis died of a heart attack at the age of 45 after years of struggle. the hell of watching my son – of watching my son deteriorate and act out in such a horrible way. Everyone struggles with depression, with substance abuse,” he said.

Following Norman’s death, Marie went back to the Asian country alone and was active in women’s work, leadership training of women, and English-to-Cambodian translation projects.

She also did visitation ministry at a local military hospital.

“My plan was to stay in Cambodia and continue the work I was doing.

I had no idea my assignment would be terminated the year I turned 66.” But Ens refused to retire.

That was where she met her first patient with AIDS.