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SYRACUSE — Syracuse University is considering kissing its kiss cam goodbye after a fan suggested it sends the wrong message at a time when colleges are fighting against campus sexual violence.A regular feature at sports venues, the kiss cam frames unsuspecting couples in a heart on the Jumbotron while the game crowd cheers for them to kiss.

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The osprey pair returned again in April 2014, laying two eggs.12 football game between Syracuse University and Wake Forest constituted unacceptable behavior, and maybe even assault, as men forcibly kissed women who were clearly saying no.In one of two examples, he said a woman’s head shake was met with “no less than six sets of hands from the seats around her shov(ing) her unwilling face into his.” The crowd cheered, he wrote in a letter to the editor, which generated hundreds of comments on, both agreeing and disagreeing with him.“Honestly, I wasn’t out to kill the kiss cam,” Port said by phone Tuesday.“I was just out to raise an important issue that I saw happening and that’s important to me.And not adult cartoons like The Simpsons, but those universal cartoons made for Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

The general consensus seems to be that is the most likely contender to go there, having already dabbled in gender swap episodes and hinting at a lesbian relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.

Now, a high-definition live stream webcam gives viewers a clear look into the lives of these unique birds.

It’s all thanks to a partnership between Central Lakes College’s Natural Resources Program, Crow Wing Power, Consolidated Telephone Company, People’s Security and Brainerd Public Utilities.

We’ve now reached the point that tabloid outlets like Radar Online are making up stuff about gay power couples just like they do straight couples. David is always around to make sure it never goes any further.

Their latest is that David Burtka is only allowing Neil Patrick Harris to do for six months to keep the men from flirting with him. And not to say certain guys haven’t become ‘friendly’ with David in New York too, but without each other around, it’s hard to resist other guys hitting on them.” Io9 asks when are we going to get LGBT characters in cartoons?

is heading towards a huge box office opening of at least the mid-$90 million range, and possibly over $100 million despite scathing reviews and a nearly three hour runtime.