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Bioware profile not updating

I have the Ultimate Edition version and I play on a PC.Anyway, this is regarding my player profile for Dragon Age: Origins.

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In Mass Effect: Andromeda, one of our non-player characters, Hainly Abrams, was not included in a caring or thoughtful way.It was a jarring piece of dialogue that some fans felt did not accurately portray the realities of being trans, as real people do not always tell strangers something as personal as a "dead name". you meet interesting people and then you kill them."Fanblog that celebrates the making of an amazing Dark Fantasy RPG series, with a surprising lack of Dragons but is getting on that.When I respond that I would rather not say, the usual follow up question is ' Why not? ' Having their dead name brought up isn't a problem for some trans people. Hearing my pre-transition name is an emotional gut punch that reminds me of how bad I felt during that part of my life.It's often used as a way for people to try and hurt me, to make me feel like I am a liar or deceiver by transitioning. Bioware posted the following tweet in response to the outcry against Abrams on Wednesday, indicating that it will modify Abrams' such that players will have to earn her trust before she divulges details about her background: At Bio Ware, we strive to make games that are representative of our players and the broader world around us.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in [email protected] I think they know this... Well the first days everything I've unlocked (achievement) went well. The reason your profile has not updated is because it can take up to a couple of days for it to update...

I also had the Urns Ashes 2 days before killing the high dragon...

Here is what happened Some steakhead came in and caused a problem to the point where he stated I was lying and how I couldn't have had the Ashes 2 days prior because it showed on my profile I killed the High Dragon 6 hours earlier and the achievement showed that..

so he started to resort to trying to use achievement's to try to prove I was lying, and when I told him how the achievements don't work like that because even when logged into your account, the time you actually unlock the achievement, isn't always even remotely close to what it says in your profile.

This is the cause of the whole problem In this case I was logged out when I got the achievement of who I side with 2 days prior to me logging in and playing and killing the high dragon, and when the achievement registered about the high dragon, it adjusted the achievement of who I sided with when getting the urn 2 days prior which thus in turn made it look like I had gotten both the cultist and high dragon achievement at the same time.

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