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Backdating digital river

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DRT was criticized for passing backdated orders and acting in vengeful manner against litigants.

Two friendly policemen stop the vehicles driving past, checking the passengers' papers.She has handled a range of criminal matters, including antitrust, securities fraud, insider trading, and numerous matters involving computer crimes and hacking under state and federal laws, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Startup: We defended a start-up, its founder and top executives against a Fortune 50 corporation that accused our clients of trade secret theft and employee and customer raiding; achieved an early resolution on favorable terms; the start-up later achieved a nearly $1 billion IPO. A federal jury determined that a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Beneficial Innovations Inc.against a number of Google's customer companies violated a licensing agreement it had with the technology giant. Executive: The Securities and Exchange Commission launched a securities fraud suit in California federal court against our client, a former vice president of sales.You can search through them and retrieve their timestamp using a publicly accessible database.Although the work isn't yet completed for the Wayback Machine's webpage snapshots, media including books, movies, songs, documents and software programs are covered.Click here to return to the page you were visiting.

Gujarat high court on Wednesday pulled up the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) for its approach that leads banks to suffer and hinders their functioning in recovering dues from defaulters.

The entire Internet has been timestamped using a cryptographic technique based on the blockchain technology that characterises digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The work allows Bitcoin timestamps to be downloaded for almost any online content.

The project was undertaken by Open Timestamps as an unofficial extension of the Internet Archive.

The archive, commonly recognised as the Wayback Machine, caches webpages so older versions can be retrieved after they go offline.

In addition to employee mobility and trade secret expertise, Jen has litigated a wide range of complex civil cases in both state and federal courts, including, contract, fraud, securities, data breach, employment, and intellectual property disputes.