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Apple mail rss feeds not updating

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The podcast artwork that appears on the user's actual device (the i Phone, i Pad, or in the i Tunes desktop interface) when playing the media file field in the Articles or Sermons module for each individual item.

With RSS, you can source the best content on the web world; instead of visiting your favorite websites, you can get the desired content or specific articles at regular interval. Now, let's explore how you can read those RSS feeds in Safari browser. Updating the podcast artwork for an existing podcast To update an existing podcast image file, it is recommended that you give the updated image a new filename to help i Tunes know that the image has changed.If the new image uses an identical name, i Tunes may never know that the image needs updating.When it comes to dealing with lots of text, good UI and UX decisions are critical. For as much as people have criticized Reeder for Mac for being the start of an evil trend that will see i OS apps coming to the desktop (good luck with that), the undeniable truth is that Reeder is a Mac app, with all the evident advantages and limitations that come with it.While the app we have today has seen a lot of improvements and changes in the years since launch, the fundamental experience of using Reeder has remained: it’s a fast and fluid way to blast through RSS feeds on the Mac.You can also go to Mail preferences and look for the RSS tab.

It syncs with lots of third-party services, looks good, and makes it easy to share content with others.

The closure of Google Reader had many predicting the death of RSS, but in its wake, numerous services have sprung up, and there’s been a resurgence in RSS applications for both i OS and mac OS.

Unread — our favorite app for reading RSS feeds on the i Pad — doesn’t have a desktop version, but that doesn’t mean the genre is dead.

If not, then you might want to take away the RSS feeds from Mail, as it takes up time and bandwidth keeping those up-to-date.

You can do this by right clicking or control clicking the RSS feeds in the left sidebar and deleting them.

Quite the opposite in fact; searching “RSS” in the Mac App Store yields well over a dozen applications for sale. When looking at RSS clients for the Mac, is the name of the game.