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Today possibly only a few dozen posed and gazed dreamily, disappeared behind clouds of cigarette smoke or sat erect in a chair, surrounded by family, smiling beneficently. And it occurred to me that perhaps I was looking upon the rarest thing of all, complete actualization. He wore a leather jacket, slacks hiked high, and a plaid shirt.

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There were strict rules and reasons for this transformation, ones that had been established some 500 years earlier, as part of a medieval canon of laws known as the Kanun. It was a mild November afternoon, and Haki stood in the bright light of his garden, smoking like the Penguin, with a cane and a cigarette holder, the embers of his Karelia butt burning angrily. Today these sworn virgins live on, but their numbers have dwindled. What happens when the society that created you no longer needs you? They were color portraits, shot recently, seemingly of old men who’d lived a little.At least that’s what the evidence suggested: They were dressed as old men, and the camera seemed to regard them as old men, if from another time, like the ’40s or ’50s.Maybe he just doesnt practice a religion what about his family? I did think albania was mainly muslim but that is just as I said because my husband knows quite alot of muslim who are from there. Dear Claire, I am Albanian, and I'll try to say my word on this.You might have heard that most of the population in albania is muslim, (less than 70%), and the rest (~30%) is Roman catholic and Cristian orthodox.Gypsies, like Serbs, have become the new victims in Yugoslavia, the target of revenge attacks by returning Albanian refugees in Kosovo.

They are seen by Albanians as collaborators for failing to join the fight against Serb forces and for being allowed to stay by the Serbs while their Albanian neighbours were ethnically cleansed.

Hi my partner is Albanian He doesnt say alot about religion in Albania, he says it has a sort of no religion.

I know the countries mainly muslim and Catholic i think? I just find a bit confusing and wondered if anyone can explain a little Also he wears a Jesus on a cross necklace but says it was just a present?

I always find hilarious reading topics like “the perfect woman”, “how to seduce a man”, “10 naughty secrets”, ” 30 things to do to a naked man” , “how to land a date”, and so on…

the list gets endless in women and fashion magazines around the globe.

Make Good Wives- Wow, I didn’t know that we deserve that stupid title “A good Wife Material” or “You can count on an Albanian woman to stick by her man no matter how difficult things get financially.