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420 dating

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While the profiles do have some personal information you can peruse, if you’re going straight for looks, you can also merely swipe left or right just like Tinder. It asks which kind of weed you like, in regard to how much energy you want it to give you, how you like to get high (vaping, edibles, smoking, and so on), and what you’re in the mood for, such as going out or staying couch locked.

There are dating sites for older people, younger people; people with money, people who claim not to care about money; and people living on farms. There are several sites — including, Stoner and 420— aimed at helping cannabis lovers connect with other cannabis lovers.The profile information includes hobbies, first date ideas, and interests.It doesn’t however ask anything about your cannabis usage.People are friendlier, seemingly comforted by the knowledge that you won't be judgmental.After setting up an account I begin non-discriminately swiping right—which, as with Tinder, means you want to chat.However, you could avoid those awkward moments from the get go by using a cannabis dating app. Here’s a roundup of a few we’ve tested out at so you know what you’re in for: Similar to other dating apps, the 420 aspect of this platform is most evident in its name.

Otherwise, it asks you the same basic questions as other platforms like Ok Cupid, such as about political beliefs or occupation.

“I expected the audience to the site to be mostly younger people,” he said of 420

“But in truth, the demographics skewed 28 to 45, which really surprised me.” The site is international, he said, with the database managed out of England. “Studies have shown.” This new niche dating market is modernizing quickly, with one app that’s helping cannabis lovers connect clearly finding an audience. has nearly a million downloads for i OS and Android, and continues to grow quickly, according to spokesperson Rosie Mattio.

Customers are mostly from the United States, followed by Europe and the Far East. “We have users everywhere from California, to Denver, to New York and Florida to the Netherlands, Australia and UK and beyond,” Mattio explained by email.

“We have definitely seen growth in California and the other states that voted in the election,” she said.

High There isn't the only option for stoners seeking love online, but it is the best.